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So this is part two of my two-part HFOSS class reflection and I’ll focus on talking about contributions to FOSS projects, getting used to a FOSS OS and some of my experiences with working with the XO laptops this semester.

I left off the last blog post at around the time we started to transition from just learning about FOSS culture to actually contributing and doing in-depth analysis. I contributed code to the course website after filing an issue with link colors. I had to do some really odd workarounds to make my contributions on a windows environment (plus I couldn’t test my changes on my machine!) but I eventually got through it with the help of ryansb and got my fix in. It got accepted, and pushed to the master branch of the repo and the change is now live! After that bugfix, I participated in a group project to analyze the Tahrir project (Fedora’s badges) and we did a great deal of analysis on their git repo. We mainly focused on which contributors were the most active, who contributed the most, and how the project developed from it’s initial commit to it’s “completed” state (I use quotes for the word completed because it’s an ever-evolving thing, but it’s fully functional at the moment).

A few weeks later I started looking into Fedora spins and eventually got a Cinnamon spin of Fedora installed on my desktop as my default environment. I’m still getting used to it, but it’s definitely a nice change! More currently, as a class we’re just starting to wrap up our activities for the XOs. The laptop hardware has presented us with some optimization issues, and it’s pretty difficult to get our vision to run on the hardware but we’re working on it. We also ran into some issues with the goals of our project. It appears that the intention of the game that was presented in the design document didn’t line up with the goals of the 4th grade Common Core curriculum, so we’re going to have to do some retroactive work to get it up to snuff.

Overall the class has been a super positive experience, but the majority of the “value” I’ll be getting out of this class will probably become much more apparent once I graduate and start working at my full time job!

Weekly Blog Post