Week 6 Update

With week 6 rounding out (and having much more to talk about regarding class content, given that we had a full 3 days of classes) this week’s blog post can be much more focused on what we’ve been working on in class.

I’ve made a lot of progress so far with setting up my team for the CommArch project, I visited the FOSSBox for my first time, and I’m preparing for BrickHack this coming weekend. On top of that, I’ve been doing some research into a few projects I’ve found on github, and looking at some of the open source projects we discussed in class.

For the CommArch project, myself and my three team members have divided up the tasks, JustBobbyThings and I will be taking some of the easier tasks to help us explore the organization of the Tahrir project and familiarize ourselves with the tool in a very general sense (as both of us are very new to open source projects in general). This will give us an opportunity to explore on our own, and develop a solid foundation that we can build upon as the project continues, while Wilfred and Justin are taking on the roles of taking care of the more high-level tasks that will be a bit above our heads. We met this week in FOSSBox which was a very talkative group of FOSS peeps, and gave me the opportunity to socialize and network with some of them a bit. There was plenty of discussion on some interesting topics I otherwise wouldn’t have been familiarized with, plus it was a good space for a team meeting. Unfortunately, without a laptop of my own I wasn’t able to digitally contribute to the Team Proposal document the other team members were collaborating on, but I offered my own answers to a few of the questions, and helped to figure out which sections would be best for JustBobbyThings and I to take care of.

Besides that, I’ll be working at BrickHack this weekend as a volunteer and plan on going around and exploring after my shifts, and checking out a few of the projects that my friends are working on. I’m good friends with Sneha Vaswani and Stuart Olivera who are serving as the Logistics Director and Director, respectively, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of chances to ask them which projects I should keep an eye on! Knowing that I want this to count as one of my meetups, I’ll be sure to focus on the FOSS side of things, and keep in mind what topics I want to include in my blog post about it.

Lastly, knowing that my team will be looking at Tahrir for our CommArch project, I’ve been digging into the repo (found here) and following the flow of a few bugs. This looks like a pretty neat tool (though I’m not sure how it fits into Fedora as an operating system) that awards “badges” (like Xbox achievements) to users for various tasks like updating passwords, getting a wallpaper included in a release, or attending meetings. Given that this isn’t a critical component of the operating system and just serves as a user experience type feature, it should be relatively low pressure to contribute to a project like this, and it seems like it has a relatively active community. Also, knowing that two of our primary contacts for our team are Red Hat employees will give me a good excuse to start networking with some of my future coworkers before I start working there.

Week 6 Update

One thought on “Week 6 Update

  1. Actually all three of them are Red Hatters, except one of them is just based out of France. 🙂 threebean is native to Rochester, and decause was native to Rochester, now located in Raleigh at Red Hat Tower!


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