Smoke Tests pt 2

So today (Friday 2/19) I got together with jflory, JustBobbyThings and WilfredE on doing some of our networking tasks between the XO laptops.

We had a lot of troubles with getting the XO laptops to work on RIT’s network initially. We were all connected to the same wireless signal, with all our devices registered and were independently able to access web pages (like wikipedia and google). Despite this, our laptops couldn’t “see” eachother in the neighborhood view. We suspect this is due to the way RIT’s network is configured, but after about a half hour of wrestling with it, we all connected instead to an unsecured nearby hotspot. This enabled our laptops to communicate with one another and enable collaboration on documents! WilfredE and I both collaborated on the same Write activity, and were able to share images and text between our laptops wirelessly.








After collaborating in Write, we set up Measure to test the distance feature that the XO laptops have. When we both joined the same activity, and began the program, both of our computers emitted a noise, which the other listened to, and responded with. Through what I can only imagine is some complicated sound dynamics math, the computers were able to determine the distance between them pretty accurately!

We learned that the RIT network is AWFUL for allowing the XOs to communicate, but once you’re able to connect to a non-RIT supported wireless access point, the XOs can be utilized as intended!

Smoke Tests pt 2

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